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At Chrysalis we have identified the need to seek out partners who will be willing and able to either donate to our School or to sponsor the school fees of one or more of our children so that they can attend school and regular therapy. Investing in even one special needs child so that they can receive the support and stimulation that they need can translate to a tenfold saving of that investment – for the family, community and the government – as the child grows to hopefully becoming a semi-functional to functional adult.

Special needs children are not lost causes. They change the world in a special way. They change the way we look at the world. They can bring communities together. They offer us unconditional love and demonstrate unsurpassed dedication to overcome their obstacles and limitations. Obstacles that we aren’t even able to imagine. Moreover, they do it with a smile on their face. All they ask in return is that we take care of them and give them the opportunities that every child deserves.


There are four ways that you can become part of the Chrysalis family:

  1. By making a financial contribution.
  2. By donating items on our wishlist.
  3. By sponsoring a child to attend School and regular therapy.
  4. By donating unused clothing and household items to our Jumble Sale.


  • Any donations that can assist us in the renovation and development project for our Senior Phase classrooms and outside play area. These include:
    • The renovation of the classrooms, like paint, carpets, curtains, air conditioners, school furniture, etc.
    • The renovation of the outside recreation and play area, like landscaping, benches, plants, etc.
  • A Smart TV.
  • Tablets to be used in the classrooms by the teachers as tools for learning.
  • Maintaining and upgrading the school- and playground equipment.
  • School furniture that are adaptable to the needs of special needs children, like chairs and tables that are adjustable to enhance the correct positioning of the child in order to facilitate optimal learning.

Sponsor a child

  • Sponsorship of the School fees for one child with special needs:
  • Sponsorship for ECI therapy for one child with special needs (rates are billed according to medical aid rates).

Our NPO registration details are:

Fundraising Nr: 097-095-NPO

Want to find out more?

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